Tangshan College

Tangshan College (唐山学院 Tángshān xuéyuàn) is a college in Hebei, China under the provincial government.

Universities and colleges in Hebei
  • North China Electric Power University
  • North China Coal Medical University
  • Central Institute for Correctional Police
  • Chinese People's Armed Police Force Academy
  • North China Institute of Science and Technology
  • Chengde Medical College
  • Handan College
  • Hebei Agricultural University
  • Hebei University of Engineering
  • Hebei Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Hebei Medical University
  • Hebei Normal University
  • Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology
  • Hebei North University
  • Hebei Institute of Physical Education
  • Hebei Polytechnic University
  • Hebei University
  • Hebei University of Economics and Business
  • Hebei University of Technology
  • Hebei University of Science and Technology
  • Hengshui University
  • Langfang Teachers College
  • Peking University Founder Technology College
  • Shijiazhuang University
  • Shijiazhuang Railway Institute
  • Shijiazhuang University of Economics
  • Tangshan College
  • Tangshan Teachers College
  • Xingtai University
  • Yanshan University
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