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Takagi is a common surname in Japan, meaning "tall tree" in Japanese

  • Akimitsu Takagi (1920–1995), a Japanese crime fiction writer
  • Hitoshi Takagi (1925–2004), a Japanese voice actor
  • Kaietsu Takagi (1883–1957), a photographer
  • Kazumichi Takagi (born 1980), a Japanese football player
  • Maria Takagi (born 1978), a Japanese former AV star who is now a TV actress
  • Mototeru Takagi (1941–2002), a Japanese free jazz musician
  • Sadao Takagi, a Japanese entomologist
  • Takeo Takagi (1882–1944), a Japanese vice admiral in WWII
  • Takuya Takagi, a Japanese former football player and a current football manager
  • Teiji Takagi (1875–1960), a Japanese mathematician
  • Toranosuke Takagi (born 1974), a Japanese race car driver
  • Wataru Takagi (born 1966), a Japanese voice actor
  • Takagi, Nagano, a village in Nagano Prefecture

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... Takagi's debut as an adult video actress was the December 2002 release Super-Star for the Max-A Calen label ... It was announced in October 2003 that Takagi would play the "other woman" of a married man in the Fuji TV drama series Who Is Your Neighbor? (あなたの隣に誰かいる, Anata ... In late 2003 Takagi was the winner of five awards at the Kuki Inc.-owned XCity's Adult Video Grand Prix Awards ...
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... Maria Takagi was born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan on October 25, 1978 ... for the men's magazine Urecco and as Maria Takagi, issued a photobook of nude pictures titled Blue in December 2000 ... The next year, Takagi starred in the erotic fantasy Mermaid Girl (マーメイド ~海から来た少女~?) written and directed by Kei Marimura ...
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