Tajikistan National Football Team - Managers


# Name Nat Period Matches Wins Draws Losses Win%
1 Sharif Nazarov 1992–1994
2 Vladimir Gulyamkhaydarov 1994–1995
3 Abdulla Muradov c.1996
4 Sharif Nazarov c.2003 9 4 2 2 45%
5 Zoir Babaev 2004 6 2 1 3 34%
6 Sharif Nazarov 2004–2006 11 6 2 3 55%
7 Makhmadjon Khabibulloev 2007– Dec 2007 7 1 3 3 14%
8 Pulod Kodirov Jan 2008 – Aug 2011 17 10 4 3 59%
9 Alimzhon Rafikov Aug 2011 – Feb 2012 5 0 0 5 0%
10 Kemal Alispahić Feb 2012 – Apr 2012 4 1 1 2 25%
11 Nikola Kavazović Sep 2012– 1 1 0 0 100%

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