Tail Call Elimination

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Tail Call - Description
... from, the return address, so that it can return to that location with the result once the call is complete ... Typically, this information is saved on the call stack, a simple list of return locations in order of the times that the call locations they describe were reached ... For tail calls, there is no need to remember the place we are calling from — instead, we can perform tail call elimination by leaving the stack alone (exc ...
Tail Call
... In computer science, a tail call is a subroutine call that happens inside another procedure as its final action it may produce a return value which is then ... The call site is then said to be in tail position, i.e ... If any call that a subroutine performs, such that it might eventually lead to this same subroutine being called again down the call chain, is in tail position, such a subroutine is said to be tail-recursive ...

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