Systematic Phonics

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Systematic Phonics - Synthetic Phonics
... Synthetic Phonics uses the concept of 'synthesising', which means 'putting together' or 'blending'. 2005 report, which compared these approaches to phonics instruction noted that synthetic phonics has some of the following characteristics The sounds that ...
Synthetic Phonics - History - United Kingdom
... Up until the 1970s a mixture of synthetic and analytic phonics was used for teaching reading in British schools ... From that time forward phonics was abandoned in some state primary schools to be replaced by the "whole word recognition" method sometimes called "look and say" ... Although there were a few proponents of phonic methods the major lobbying bodies such as the Institute of Education disdained early attention to the ...
Synthetic Phonics - History - Canada
... There is no evidence that systematic phonics (including synthetic phonics) has been adopted by any of these jurisdictions ... However, systematic phonics and synthetic phonics receive attention in some publications ... The report appears to support the use of systematic and explicit phonics instruction ...

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