Survivor: Vanuatu

Survivor: Vanuatu — Islands of Fire, also known as Survivor: Vanuatu, is the ninth season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. Filmed in Vanuatu, a chain of volcanic islands in the South Pacific, the season premiered on September 16, 2004.

Also debuting that day was Survivor Live, an hour-long Internet talk show hosted by the original Sole Survivor Richard Hatch and Entertainment Tonight correspondent Chris Booker. The talk show, airing every Thursday and Friday on the CBS website, interviews former contestants and reviews the players' gameplay. The DVD for this season was released on December 5, 2006.

At the live reunion show, Chris Daugherty defeated Twila Tanner by a vote of 5–2 to become Sole Survivor. Jeff has described him as "The most unlikely winner".

For the first time outside of the All Star edition that preceded it, there were eighteen contestants. In the first seven seasons, there were only sixteen contestants. This was the second season to initially divide the tribes by gender. It was also the first season to feature an amputee (Chad Crittenden, who had lost a foot to cancer) and two open lesbians (motivational speaker Scout Cloud Lee and former Playboy model Ami Cusack).

The season began like Survivor: The Amazon in that the tribes were divided by gender. The male tribe was Lopevi, after one of Vanuatu's volcanic islands; the female tribe was Yasur, after Mount Yasur. On Day 11, there was a "tribal shuffle" like in other seasons, which ended up moving two people from each tribe over to the other tribe.

On Day 20, the tribes were merged; the tribe was christened Alinta, a name proposed by Scout meaning "people of fire."

Eliza Orlins and Ami Cusack were selected from this season to return for Survivor: Micronesia as members of the Favorites tribe, where they placed 10th and 11th respectively.

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