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Han (Korean Name) - Han and Gojoseon
... Gojoseon was actually "Hanjun"(한준) of Gojoseon and had the surname Han (韓) not Gi and that all of the Kings of Gija Joseon were of the surname Han (韓) ... Gija Joseon, which was believed to be of surname Gi, was in reality Han (韓) There is a controversy on where Gija is from, which is believed to be from the Chinese Shang Dynasty, Gija as a paternal uncle ... Gija's and his descendants were also believed to have the surname Han (韓) as King Jun of Gojoseon the last King of Gojoseon and descendant of Gija claimed himself as the King of Han ...

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    Certes this dream, which ye han met tonight,
    Cometh of the great superfluity
    Of your redde colera,
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)