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Three Pure Ones - The Supreme Pure One
... The Supreme Pure One (Chinese 上清 pinyin Shàngqīng), is also known as "The Universally Honoured One of Divinities and Treasures", or "The Universal Lord of the ... Where the celestial masters had added the pure gods of the Tao to the popular pantheon, Shàngqīng enlarged this to include an entirely new layer of existence between the original, creative force of the Tao ... It was populated by various divine figures pure gods of the Tao who were emanations of original cosmic qi immortals who had attained celestial status through effort and the proper elixir..." The Supreme Pure One ...

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    The poet is he who can write some pure mythology today without the aid of posterity.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Few and signally blessed are those whom Jupiter has destined to be cabbage-planters. For they’ve always one foot on the ground and the other not far from it. Anyone is welcome to argue about felicity and supreme happiness. But the man who plants cabbages I now positively declare to be the happiest of mortals.
    François Rabelais (c. 1494–1553)