Superior Court

In common law systems, a superior court is a court of general competence which typically has unlimited jurisdiction with regard to civil and criminal legal cases. A superior court is "superior" relative to a court with limited jurisdiction (see lower court), which is restricted to civil cases involving monetary amounts with a specific limit, or criminal cases involving offenses of a less serious nature. A superior court may hear appeals from lower courts (see court of appeal).

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... The state Administrative Office of the Courts maintains an official roster of all superior court judges, including the 431 judges of the L.A ... Superior Court ... for a judicial office election for the Los Angeles County Superior Court has risen from $3,177 in 1970 to $70,000 in 1994 ...
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... lawyers were challenging this notion in lawsuits across the country, mostly in state courts, with different degrees of success at different levels ... own, with the intent of taking it to the Supreme Court and forcing a resolution of the issue ... against Citibank's South Dakota subsidiary in her state's courts in 1992 alleging that the $15 late fee she was charged for her Citibank Classic card violated California law ...
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... first California Constitution authorized the legislature to establish municipal and such other courts as it deemed necessary ... Each district had its own court, below which were County and then Justice of the Peace Courts ... Judge Agustin Olvera of the County Court and Judge Jonathan R ...
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