Superhero Film

A superhero film, superhero movie, or superhero motion picture is an action, fantasy and science fiction film, that is focused on the actions of one or more superheroes; individuals who usually possess superhuman abilities relative to a normal person and are dedicated to protecting the public. These films are almost always action-oriented, and the first film of a particular character often includes a focus on the origin of the special powers including the first fight against the character's most famous supervillain archenemy.

Most superhero movies are based on comic books, where the fantasy genre is most dominant in the medium's mainstream image. By contrast, several films such as the RoboCop and Toxic Avenger series, Darkman, The Meteor Man, Up, Up, and Away, Unbreakable, The Incredibles, Sky High, Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Hancock and Megamind are original, while The Green Hornet is based primarily on the original radio series and its 1960s television adaptation, and Underdog is based on an animated television series.

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