Sunshine Records (Australia) - Discography - Singles


Catalog no. Date Artist Title Notes
QK-747 Oct. 1964 The Blue Jays "Jay Walker" / "Path Finder"
QK-778 Nov. 1964 Tony Worsley & The Fabulous Blue Jays "I Sure Know A Lot About Love" / "Me You Gotta Teach"
QK-798 Jan. 1965 The Blue Jays "Motivate" / "We're Friends"
QK-799 1965 The Pacifics "Lost My Baby" / "Slowly But Surely"
QK-833 1965 The Playboys "Exodus" / "Sabre Dance"
QK-903 Mar. 1965 Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays "Just a Little Bit" / "If I"
QK-918 1965 The Playboys "Swan Lake" / "Camptown Races"
QK-902 Mar. 1965 Peter Doyle "Speechless (The Pick Up)" / "Like I Love You"
QK-935 Apr. 1965 The Blue Jays "Zoom Gonk" / "Hey Jack"
QK-951 Apr. 1965 Normie Rowe & The Playboys "It Ain't Necessarily So" / "Gonna Leave This Town" Produced by Pat Aulton
QK-952 1965 The Playboys "Desperado" / "The Mean One"
QK-983 May 1965 Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays "Talking About You" / "I Dream of You"
QK-984 May 1965 The Blue Jays "Beat Out That Rhythm On a Drum" / "I'll Make You Cry Too"
QK-985 1965 Marcie Jones "I Wanna Know" / "Quiet"
QK-999 1965 Toni McCann "My Baby" / "No"
QK-1000 1965 Ricky and Tammy "Won't You Tell Me" / "Little Girl"
QK-1001 June 1965 Peter Doyle "Stupidity" / "Heigh Ho"
QK-1041 1965 The Playboys "He's Awright" / "Torture"
QK-1069 June 1965 Normie Rowe & The Playboys "I (Who Have Nothing)" / "I Just Don't Understand"
QK-1103 Sep. 1965 Normie Rowe & The Playboys "Que Sera Sera" / "Shakin' All Over" Produced by Pat Aulton
QK-1105 1965 Marcie Jones "I Just Can't Imagine" / "When A Girl Falls In Love"
QK-1075 Sep. 1965* Normie Rowe & The Playboys "I Confess" / "Everything's Alright" *withdrawn
QK-1087 Aug. 1965 Tony Worsley "Velvet Waters" / "Rock-A-Billy" Produced by Nat Kipner
QK-1105 1965 Marcie Jones "I Just Can't Imagine" / "When A Girl Falls In Love"
QK-1132 1965 The Five "I'll Be There" / "How Can She Know"
QK-1138 1965 The Purple Hearts "Long Legged Baby" / "Here 'Tis"
QK-1162 1965 The Librettos "I Cried" / "She's a Go Go"
QK-1137 Nov. 1965 Peter Doyle "Watcha Gonna Do About It?" / "Do It Zula Style" Produced by Pat Aulton
QK-1158 Nov. 1965 Normie Rowe & The Playboys "Tell Him I'm Not Home" / "Call On Me"
QK-1169 Nov. 1965 Tony Worsley "Missing You" / "Lonely City"
QK-1184 1965 Frankie Davidson "Don't You Just Know It" / "So Little Time"
QK-1182 Jan. 1966 Mike Furber & The Bowery Boys "Just a Poor Boy" / "Mailman Bring Me No More Blues"
LK-1208 1966 The Atlantics "That's Old Fashioned" / "Gotta Lotta Love"
QK-1198 1966 Ricky & Tammy "Summers Long" / "All Around"
QK-1207 Feb. 1966 Peter Doyle "The Great Pretender" / "Everybody Loves a Lover"
QK-1213 1966 The Purple Hearts "Of Hopes and Dreams and Tombstones" / "I'm Gonna Try"
QK-1237 1966 The Playboys "Happy Organ" / "The High and the Mighty"
QK-1238 Mar. 1966 Normie Rowe and the Playboys "The Breaking Point" / "Ya Ya"
QK-1241 Feb. 1966 Tony Worsley "Something's Got a Hold On Me" / "Something"
QK-1243 1966 Dave Howard "Go Catch the Moon" / "What a Kiss Can Do"
QK-1244 1966 The Five "I Can't Find Her" / "There's a Time"
QK-1244 1966 The Five "I Can't Find Her" / "There's a Time"
QK-1250 1966 Frankie Davidson "The Dollar Auctioneer" / "Just For Today"
QK-1251 1966 The Librettos "Rescue Me" / "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?"
QK-1227 Feb. 1966 Mike Furber & The Bowery Boys "You Stole My Love" / "It's Gonna Work Out Fine" released simultaneously as Kommotion KK-1227
QK-1317 1966 Peter Doyle "Something You Got Baby" / "Go Away"
QK-1318 1966 Marcie Jones "Danny Boy" / "That Hurts"
QK- 1341 1966 The Librettos "Kicks" / "Watcha Gonna Do About It?" Produced by Pat Aulton
QK-1343 1966 Ricky & Tammy "Through My Fingers" / "Can I"
QK-1344 June 1966 Normie Rowe and the Playboys "Pride and Joy" / "The Stones That I Throw" Produced by Pat Aulton
QK-1366 June 1966 Tony Worsley "Raining In My Heart" / "Knocking on Wood"
QK-1417 1966 Frankie Davidson "Leave a Little Love" / "Clap Your Hands"
QK-1382 1966 Tony Shepp "Come On Over to My Place" / "Don't Ask Me Why"
QK-1433 1966 The Atlantics "It's a Hard Life / "Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do"
QK-1442 1966 The Sounds of Seven "Dominique" / "Daddy's Little Girl"
QK-1448 1966 The Purple Hearts "Early in the Morning" / "Just a Little Bit"
QK-1453 1966 The Five "Bright Lights, Big City" / "Wasting My Time"
QK 1469 1966 The Lost Souls "Peace of Mind" / "This Life of Mine"
QK-1495 1966 Russ Kruger "Keep Me Satisfied" / "Tell the Truth"
QK-1529 1966 John Rowles(as Ja-Ar) "Please Help Me I'm Falling" / "Girl Girl Girl"
QIK-1565 Nov. 1966 Normie Rowe "Ooh La La" / "Ain't Nobody Home"
QIK-1605 Dec. 1966 Normie Rowe "It's Not Easy" / "Mary Mary"
QK-1531 Nov. 1966 Peter Doyle "Tweedlee Dee" / "Mr Goodtime"
QK-1556 Jan. 1967 Tony Worsley "No Worries" / "Humpy Dumpy"
QK-1557 Jan. 1967 The Atlantics "I Put A Spell On You" / "By the Glow of a Candle"
QK-1567 1967 Marcie Jones "That's the Way It Is" / "Big Lovers Come in Small Packages"
QK-1589 1967 The Purple Hearts "You Can't Sit Down" / "Tiger in Your Tank"
QK-1590 1967 Ricky & Tammy "We Don't Do That Anymore" / "Paradise"
QK-1633 1967 Russ Kruger "Look At My Baby" / "My Little Girl"
QK-1691 1967 The Atlantics "You Tell Me Why" / "Come On"
QK-1692 1967 Bill & Boyd "Two By Two" / "Symphony For Susan"
QK-1717 1967 The Running Jumping Standing Still "Diddy Wah Diddy" / "My Girl"
QK-1718 1967 Marcie Jones "You Can't Bypass Love" / "He's Gonna Be Fine Fine Fine"
QIK-1731 Apr. 1967 Normie Rowe "Going Home" / "I Don't Care"
QK-1733 1967 Mouse "(Wear A) Yellow Raincoat" / "Pink Fairy Floss"
QK-1736 1967 The Purple Hearts "Chicago" / "Bring It on Home"
QK-1772 1967 Julian Jones & The Breed "Regrets" / "No Matter What You Do"
QK-1817 1967 Normie Rowe "I Live in the Sunshine" / "Far Beyond the Call of Duty"
QK-1820 June 1967 Normie Rowe "But I Know" / "Sunshine Secret"
QK-1839 1967 Bill and Boyd "If I Were a Rich Man" / "Little Miss Sorrow, Child of Tomorrow"
QK-1849 1967 Mike Furber "It's Too Late" / "I'm So Glad"
QK-1858 1967 The Escorts "The House on Soul Hill" / "Sound of Your Voice"
QK-1859 1967 Ross D. Wyliewith the Escorts "Short Skirts" / "Paper Bunnies"
QIK-1872 1967 The Playboys "Black Sheep RIP" / "Sad"
QK-1819 1967 The Running Jumping Standing Still "She's Good To Me" / "Little Girl"
QK-2022 1967 Ross D. Wylie "A Bit of Love" / "Last Day in Town"
QK-2008 Oct. 1967 Normie Rowe "Turn Down Day" / "Stop to Think It Over"
FK-1986 1967 Bill & Boyd "Les Marionettes" / "She Chased Me"
QK-1998 1967 The Escorts "On a Day Like Today" / "Sitting By a Tree"
QK-2012 1967 Mike Furber "Bring Your Love Back Home" / "If You Need Me"
QK-2014 Oct. 1967 Tony Worsley "Reaching Out" / "Do You Mind"
QK-2225 Mar. 1968 Rev. Black & The Rockin' Vicars "Down to the Last 500" (Vanda-Young) / "Sugar Train" Produced by Pat Aulton -- #30 Brisbane, 4 weeks
QK-2238 May 1968 Normie Rowe "Penelope" (Brian Peacock) / "Lucinda" (Brian Peacock)
QK-1728 1968 Tony Williams "If You Lose Her" / "It's Alright Now"
QK-2381 1968 Jonne Sands "It's Your Life" / "I'll Never Dance Again"
QK-2479 1968 Rev. Black & The Rockin' Vicars "Such A Lovely Day" / "Sorrowful Stoney" Produced by Ron Dalton
QK-2458 1968 Jonne Sands "Mothers and Fathers" / "Isn't It"
QK-2493 Aug. 1968 Normie Rowe "Born to Be By Your Side" / "Break Out"
QK-2514 1968 Johnny Mac & The Zodiacs "Mister Sticker Licker" / "Just Step Back"
QK-2596 Oct. 1968 Normie Rowe "Walking on New Grass" / "Open Up The Skies"
QK-2577 1968 Jonne Sands "Change of Mind" / "Gingerbread Man"
QK-2693 1968 Geraldine Fitzgerald "Something to Think About" / "Let's Go"
QK-2752 1969 Rev. Black and the Rockin' Vicars "Walking and Talking" / "How Does It Feel?" Produced by Pat Aulton
QK-2819 1969 Normie Rowe "Just To Satisfy You" / "Drinkin Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee"
QK-2880 1969 Jonne Sands "Let the Sunshine In" / "Wish It Were You"
QK-2890 June 1969 Normie Rowe "You Got Style" / "Don't Say Nothing Bad (About My Baby)"
QK-2982 1969 Coloured Rain "Angie" / "What More Do You Want"
QK-2983 1969 Jonne Sands "Yeah I'm Hip" / "I've Just Seen a Face"
QK-3115 1969 Inside Looking Out "Long Live Sivananda" / "On Whom Her Favour Falls"
QK-3118 1969 Wickedy Wak "Billie's Bikie Boys" / "Chitty Chitty Bang Band" Produced by Ian Meldrum
QK-3183 1970 Jonne Sands "Oh Girl" / "Confessions of a Lonely Man"
QK-4085 1971 Normie Rowe & The Playboys "Que Sera Sera" / "Let Me Tell You" re-release
QK-4412 1971 Jelly Roll Big Band "I've Been Away Too Long" / "Son Of a Preacher Man"

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