Sumpong - Term Usage

Term Usage

  • May sumpong - the person has, currently, a temperament problem that may last for a while
  • Sinusumpong - present participle form, or the person is currently not in good mood and doing tantrums
  • Sinusumpong ng (asthma, or any other illness) - the person is not in good mood because of a recurring illness, say, asthma or any other illness.
  • Susumpungin - future tense of the word, usually an affectionate threat.
  • Sumpungan - meet the person head-on
  • Sumpungin - (accent on the second syllable) a humorous adjective that refers to frequent moodiness or temperament problems.
  • Pasumpong-sumpong - a disease or an illness, such as allergy, that happens once in a while and quite unpredictable

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