Suma may refer to:

  • suma root, the root of a vine from South America
  • The Suma Indians, bison hunters and traders that lived in Mexico and Texas
  • Suma, Azerbaijan, a village
  • Suma, Ardabil, a village in Iran
  • The Suma people, in Africa, a subgroup of the Gbaya people
  • Suma-ku, Kōbe, one of 9 wards of Kobe City in Japan
  • Sistema Uniforme de Mejora Académica (SUMA)
  • Suma Gestión Tributaria, a Spanish administration body
  • Suma (co-operative), a workers' co-operative of the United Kingdom
  • Service Update Management Assistant (SUMA), update process automation for the IBM AIX operating system
  • Short for SUpreme MAster, as in Supreme Master Ching Hai
  • Suma, a Chinese surname, more frequently appearing as "Ssu-ma" or "Sima"
  • Marina Suma (b. 1959), an Italian actress
  • Peter Sumich (1968–), an Australian rules footballer

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