Suit Combination – 10 Missing

The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge indicates the best line of play in contract bridge for a single suit in isolation in which declarer and dummy lack the ten but possess the ace, king, queen and jack. The line of play varies depending on how many cards are held by the defence, and the required minimum number of tricks. The probability of success is also shown.

The combinations considered by the Official Encyclopedia of Bridge (6th edition) are :

  • Declarer and dummy hold seven cards combined, 6 tricks required:
    • x - AKQJ9x
  • Declarer and dummy hold seven cards combined, 5 tricks required:
    • x - AKQJ9x
    • xx - AKQJ9
    • Jx - AKQ9x
    • xx - AKQJ8
    • Jx - AKQ8x
  • Declarer and dummy hold eight cards combined, 5 tricks required:
    • Jxx - AKQ8x

The recommended line of play is generally to play off the top honors in hope of dropping the 10.

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