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Product Reviews

Several of the company's products have received editorial reviews. SugarSync Manager, SugarSync Mobile for BlackBerry 1.1.8, SugarSync (Windows).

In 2006, Walt Mossberg praised the Sharpcast data synchronization service in The Wall Street Journal.

In 2008, USA Today reviewed the SugarSync data synchronization service.

In 2011, Gizmodo reviewed SugarSync and 10 competitors (including Dropbox, Apple's iCloud, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive) and named SugarSync the "Ultimate Victor", stating that "SugarSync is essentially everything we wanted. It combines the best bits of all of the other services and weaves it together into a fast and intuitive package."

In 2012, Walt Mossberg again reviewed SugarSync, along with DropBox, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Google Drive.

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