Subtle may refer to:

  • Subtle (band), a musical group consisting of members of the anticon. hip-hop collective
  • Doctor Subtilis, John Duns Scotus
  • Subtle body, an idea in mysticism
  • The Subtle Knife, a novel by Philip Pullman and the second book in the trilogy His Dark Materials
  • Subtle, a character in The Alchemist (play) by Ben Jonson
  • Subtle, a tiling window manager

Other articles related to "subtle":

Subtle Cardinal
... In mathematics, subtle cardinals and ethereal cardinals are closely related kinds of large cardinal number ... A cardinal κ is called subtle if for every closed and unbounded C ⊂ κ and for every sequence A of length κ for which element number δ (for an arbitrary δ), Aδ ⊂ δ there are ...
Lung (Tibetan Buddhism) - Subtle Body
... wind, space and consciousness and also of a subtle body, or 'Vajra body', of energy-winds, energy-channels and energy-drops.There are many types of wind or 'subtle breath' that move along the invisible ... Chakrasamvara and Hevajra, provide various methods to penetrate the vital points of the Subtle Body ... the practice "To penetrate these points means to gather there the energy-winds and the subtle minds that ride on them, basically by means of different types of absorbed concentration focused on these ...
Preksha Meditation - Etymology
... profoundly.' Here, 'seeing' does not mean external vision, but careful concentration on subtle consciousness by mental insight ... is the system of meditation engaging one's mind fully in the perception of subtle internal and innate phenomena of consciousness ... means'See you thyself'-Perceive and realize the most subtle aspects of consciousness by conscious mind ...
Races And Creatures In His Dark Materials - Spectres
... Most commonly, a Spectre is created from each new window opened by the Subtle Knife ... They appear in the second and third volumes, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass ... attacked, and humans can repel them with the Subtle Knife ...
HMS Subtle (P251)
... HMS Subtle was an S class submarine of the Royal Navy, and part of the Third Group built of that class ... Subtle was finally sold off to be broken up in July 1959 in Charlestown ...

Famous quotes containing the word subtle:

    Rarely do American parents deliberately teach their children to hate members of another racial, religious, or nationality group. Many parents, however, communicate the prevailing racial attitudes to their children in subtle and sometimes unconscious ways.
    Kenneth MacKenzie Clark (20th century)

    The saying, “The Magyar is much too lazy to be bored,” is worth thinking about. Only the most subtle and active animals are capable of boredom.—A theme for a great poet would be God’s boredom on the seventh day of creation.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Fair Hope! our earlier Heaven! by thee
    Young Time is taster to Eternity.
    The generous wine with age grows strong, not sour,
    Nor need we kill thy fruit to smell thy flower.
    Thy golden head never hangs down
    Till in the lap of Love’s full noon
    It falls and dies: Oh no, it melts away
    As doth the dawn into the day,
    As lumps of sugar lose themselves, and twine
    Their subtle essence with the soul of wine.
    Abraham Cowley (1618–1667)