Stud Farm

A stud farm or stud in animal husbandry, is an establishment for selective breeding of livestock. The word "stud" comes from the Old English stod meaning "herd of horses, place where horses are kept for breeding" Historically, documentation of the breedings that occur on a stud farm leads to the development of a stud book. Male animals made available for breeding to outside female animals are said to be "standing at stud," or at "stud service," referencing the relatively high probability that they are kept at a stud farm.

The word stud is often restricted to larger domesticated (especially farm) animals, such as cattle and horses. A specialized vocabulary exists for the studs of other animals, such as kennel (dog), cattery (cat) and aviary (birds).

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Kladruber - Breed History - Timeline of Imperial Stud Farm Kladruby Nad Labem
... gift from the Czech estates 1562 Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor founded a Spanish horse stud farm in Kladruby 1579 Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor gave the stud farm an Imperial Court ...
... The Lipica stud farm was established in 1580 by Charles II, Archduke of Inner Austria (son of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor) ... Today the stud farm is fully functional and breeds the finest horses for haute-├ęcole riding ... The stud farm now also includes a hotel and leisure complex, a modern adjunct to a historical setting ...
Montier-en-Der Abbey - National Stud Farm
... at the French Revolution (1790) in 1806 Napoleon established the National Stud Farm (Le Haras National) in the grounds of the former monastery, to breed improved horses ... The stud farm structures were rebuilt for more modern functionality during the Second Empire ...
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... They took up the Lyndhurst Lodge stud farm in Cranbourne, Victoria, and later also had the Willowmavin stud farm in Kilmore, before finally settling on Willowmavin ... the death of her husband Geoffrey Levett in 1990, Robin Levett was forced to close Willowmavin stud farm and its wildlife refuge ... a career in the racing industry, running two stud farms, owning a string of successful racehorses, becoming president of the Kilmore Turf Club and being named First Lady of ...

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