Striped Marlin

The striped marlin, Tetrapturus audax, is a small species of marlin found in tropical to temperate Indo-Pacific oceans not far from the surface. It is a desirable commercial and game fish with a record weight (in 1982) of 190 kg (420 lb) and a maximum length of 4.2 m (13.8 ft). The striped marlin is a predator that hunts during the day in the top 100 metres or so of the water column, often near the surface. One of their chief prey is sardines.

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... Australia is known for its black and more recently blue marlin fishery, striped marlin are often found in the subtropical waters of the vast island ... held at the Port Stephens area of New South Wales, and has produced several striped marlin records on ultra-light and fly tackle ... Larger striped marlin in the 250 to 300 lb plus class often show up in the southern part of their range ...
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... Blue marlin have probably been known to Japanese high seas fishermen for centuries ... However, the Pacific blue marlin was not officially considered to be a separate species until 1954 prior to that date, Pacific blues were known as "silver marlin ... was instrumental in clearing up the identification of Pacific marlin species ...

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