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The Woman Twice Dead

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Initially, no story arc was evident in the final episodes featuring Amy and Rory, tricking the viewers into thinking there wasn't one. However, the Doctor's new companion, Clara Oswin Oswald provides the story arc by how she meets the Doctor. In Asylum of the Daleks, she meets the Doctor under the name "Oswin Oswald" and in the form of a Dalek, after being converted by the Dalek inmates of an asylum Planet due to her intellect. She dies, giving her life to save the Doctor, Amy and Rory when the Daleks destroy the asylum. However, the Doctor does not see her human face, but remembers her voice and love for making souffl├ęs. She appears again in The Snowmen, going by her first name "Clara", in Victorian London; however, she is not the same person as she does not have memory of their meeting and is accustomed to the time period. She manages to coax the Doctor, having been mourning the loss of Amy and Rory since The Angels Take Manhattan, into resuming his adventures. She dies again, having been pulled from a great height by the Ice Governess. The Doctor notices the resemblance to Oswin because of her love of souffl├ęs, similar phrases, and her gravestone stating her full name.

Interested in finding out how someone can exist as seperate, similar people in different points in time, the Doctor takes off to find a third version of Clara to take on as his companion. The Doctor succeeds in finding her in 2013 during The Bells of Saint John, saving her from dying this time. He takes her on as his companion, deciding "Clara Oswald, time to find out who you are." Clara Oswald proves to be unusual as a companion, actually obeying the Doctor's instructions, unlike her predecessors. Though he enjoys Clara's company, the Doctor is left to wonder "what are you - a trick, a trap?" In the episode "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" it is revealed that Clara is unaware of any of these events. The purpose of her multiple existences will be revealed when she and the Doctor go to Trenzalore in The Name of the Doctor. In the trailer for finalle, Clara says "I was born to save the Doctor." This is completely the opposite of what River Song said in the eighth episode of the previous series, where River said "I was born to kill the Doctor."

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