Stone Sour (album)

Stone Sour (album)

Stone Sour is the debut studio album by American heavy metal band Stone Sour. It was recorded and produced by the band and Tom Tatman at Catamount Studios in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and was released on August 27, 2002, through Roadrunner Records. Writing for the album began in 2000 while vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root were still actively involved in their other band, Slipknot. Work began on the album after Slipknot had gone on hiatus following touring in support of their second album Iowa.

Following the release of the album, Stone Sour went on to promote it for almost a year; releasing three singles and touring in several regions, including the United States and several countries in Europe. The album received generally positive reviews. It was praised for showing a diversity in Taylor's vocals, which was not presented in Slipknot's early albums. It was also certified Gold in the United States and two singles from the album received Grammy Award nominations for Best Metal Performance in consecutive years.

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