Stockholm Junior Water Prize

The international Stockholm Junior Water Prize is a competition that encourages young people's interest in water and environment issues. Beginning in 1997, the award is given annually for an outstanding water project by a young person or a small group of young people at a ceremony held during the World Water Week in Stockholm. The international Stockholm Junior Prize winner receives a USD 5,000 scholarship and a blue crystal sculpture in the shape of a water droplet.

The finalists at the international Stockholm Junior Water Prize are the winners of their national contests. The national and international competitions are open to pre-university young people ages 15–20 who have conducted water-related projects on topics on environmental, scientific, social, or technological importance. The national competitions have helped students around the world become active in water issues.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is the Patron of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize. Stockholm International Water Institute administers the Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

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Stockholm Junior Water Prize - Past Winners
... Tian Ting Carrie-Anne Ng, Singapore, won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize for their research on how clay can be used in a low cost method to remove and ... In 2011, Alison Bick, USA, won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize for developing a low-cost portable method to test water quality using a mobile phone ... In 2010, Alexandre Allard and Danny Luong, Canada, won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize for their research on readily available bacteria able to ...

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