Sterol Regulatory Element

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Sterol Regulatory Element-binding Protein
... Sterol Regulatory Element-Binding Proteins (SREBPs) are transcription factors that bind to the sterol regulatory element DNA sequence TCACNCCAC ... In cells with low levels of sterols, SREBPs are cleaved to a water soluble N-terminal domain that is translocated to the nucleus ... These activated SREBPs then bind to specific sterol regulatory element DNA sequences, thus upregulating the synthesis of enzymes involved in sterol biosynthesis ...
VLDL Receptor - Tissue Distribution and Expression - Regulation
... This phenomenon is due to a difference in the sterol regulatory element-1 (SRE-1) of VLDLR ... The sterol regulatory element-binding protein-1 (SREBP-1), a transcription factor, targets the CAC repeats of SRE-1 to regulate the protein’s transcription ... regulation, while the absence of LDLR alters the sterol-regulatory-element-1-like sequences of VLDLR to make them functional in only heart and skeletal muscle ...

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