Stereotype (disambiguation)

Stereotype (disambiguation)

A stereotype is a simplified generalization about members of a group.

Stereotype, stereo type, or stereotypes may also refer to:

  • Stereotypical (animal behavior), a non-pathological pattern of animal behavior which displays very low variability
  • Stereotype (printing), a duplicate of a typographical element
  • Stereotype (UML), an extensibility mechanism of Unified Modeling Language
  • Stereo Type, a 2005 experimental composition by Guto Puw
  • "Stereotypes" (song), a 1996 Britpop single by Blur
  • Stereotypes (producers), a music production group
  • A 1980 ska single by The Specials on More Specials
  • Stereotype (album), a 2011 album by indie R&B artist B.Slade
  • Stereotype Records, an American independent record label

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Famous quotes containing the word stereotype:

    Once women begin to question the inevitability of their subordination and to reject the conventions formerly associated with it, they can no longer retreat to the safety of those conventions. The woman who rejects the stereotype of feminine weakness and dependence can no longer find much comfort in the cliché that all men are beasts. She has no choice except to believe, on the contrary, that men are human beings, and she finds it hard to forgive them when they act like animals.
    Christopher Lasch (b. 1932)