Steppenwolf: The X-Creatures Project - Plot - The Chupakabra

The Chupakabra

At Borneo Thailand, Reggie is seen in his lair, while he's taunting Shelly (who is still in her Heruka form) who is in a cage. Albino and Octavio arrive and Octavio has reported Reggie about the Chupacabra (spelled "Chupakabra" in the game) in Puerto Rico. Reggie forces Octavio to take Meg and Steppenwolf to Puerto Rico to get a blood sample from the Chupacabra. Octavio soon arrives at Puerto Rico with Meg and Steppenwolf. Octavio tells them to be careful by an evil group of villains called "the Cult". Soon, Meg and Steppenwolf have stayed in a house and are seen at the balcony seeing a very nice view. Steppenwolf then had to leave for a while to see if Octavio has returned from his meeting at the Hotel Santo. Before going to the hotel, he knockes on several doors on houses, but the Puerto Rican villagers won't let him inside, because the Chupacabra is out there. Steppenwolf then head to the Hotel Santo. He enters one of the rooms and finds a scared man. He tells Steppenwolf to leave, because the Chupacabra apparently attacked Octavio at the other room. However he goes to the other room where Octavio is stabbed, not bitten and is badly wounded. He calls Meg for help to get here as soon as possible. Suddenly, Steppenwolf finds the man running in the hall. Steppenwolf has realized man attacked Octavio. After he leaves the hotel and breaks into the house, he finds the same person who was running into the hallway at the hotel. The man blocks Steppenwolf's path and tries to stab him with a dagger. Steppenwolf uses plates to hit the man. Steppenwolf then used a trash can lid and runs into the man who crashes into some of the glass objects and the objects breaks into sharp pieces and the wounded thief runs for his life. Steppenwolf chases the man while he finds the man's trail of blood. Steppenwolf goes into the sewer (thieves are blocking his path at the buildings and rats are blocking the sewers, until he scares them off with flames) and finds himself leading to the beach. Steppenwolf then finds a symbol where a cult has been. He uses the dagger into the doorway. As the secret door opens, Steppenwolf enters and he falls into a trapdoor. He falls into a cage and accidentally smashed his communicator that was on his left glove. He suddenly sees the Chupacabra growling at him. Meanwhile, back at the Santio Hotel, Meg and a doctor are giving aid to Octavio. Meg said that Steppenwolf isn't answering his calls, but she'll find him. As Meg leaves the hotel, a boy named Pedro then spotted her. He asks if she seen the Chupacabra. Meg said yes and asked how did he knew. Pedro said that a local farmer's goats were killed by the monster and its tracks are still fresh. He said he will take her to the area. As they reached there, the farmer told the two to leave, because he said there was "nothing" to see here. Meg needs to get inside to see what the farmer's hiding and Pedro will attract the farmer's attention by throwing rocks. After Pedro distracted the farmer, Meg gets inside and locks one of the Dobermen in a car. When Meg reached to the garden, she noticed dead goats with the same cult symbol on them and with a dagger next to them. However, the farmer noticed his dog locked in the car and the gate leading to dead goats is open. He releases his dog and tries to find Meg, but she keeps hiding in the tall grass. Meg then trapped the dog in a box. She then reaches to a farm and the farmer follows her. When Meg got in, the farmer was searching for her. Meg distracted him by running a lot of water and she climbs up a ladder where it leads to another room. Meg then finds a note that says "Now, you know what happens to those who refused to cooperate. Don't bother asking for help; you won't get it, and you never know when you'll be asking one of us. We're everywhere. So, from now on, do exactly what we say, and don't whisper a word to anyone - or next time, it won't be your livestock lying shredded in a pool of blood and gore." There was also a drop of blood on the note. Back at Donovan's lair, his nurse putting cosmetic on his face. He said that he was having enough of the disgusting concoctions. The nurse tells him to quit moving or she'll mess up his "beautiful" face. We see Reggie has some slight wrinkles on himself and a red spot on his forehead. He tells the nurse that he'll only accept orders from a babe like her if she gets a little closer to him and he chuckles. The nurse laughs with joy. Donovan told Albino to ask if a man can have some fun, but maybe not. Albino feels a bit nervous and clears his throat. Donovan then told Albino that he doesn't trust Octavio and tells him to go to Puerto Rico to keep a close eye on their team.

As Meg arrives out of the farmer's home, she noticed Pedro is kidnapped by the Cult and Pedro's dog noticed Pedro's hat on the ground. As Meg and the dog reached to the Cult's lair, she told the dog to stay. Meg soon finds Alan in a hanging cage. After Meg managed to get Steppenwolf out of the cage, the Chupacabra appears and chases them out of its lair. It was soon night time and Pedro is seen bond in chains and the Cult pour goat's blood on him to lure the Chupacabra. Back at the Santio Hotel, Octavio is alseep, but is waken up by Albino. He tells Octavio to come with him and find Steppenwolf and Meg to see if they've got the beast's blood. Soon, the Cult leave and get on their boat and head to the lighthouse. Meg and Crimzon soon find Pendro. Steppenwolf has realized that the Cult are using Pedro in goat's blood to get killed by the Chupacabra. Back at the lighthouse, the leader of the Cult uses a whistle and summons the beast. Steppenwolf soon leaves and finds a dead goat with a gourd of blood. Steppenwolf will use it to keep the beast from attacking Meg. Steppenwolf managed to kill one of the members of the Cult by hanging him with a rope and releases it and it caused the baddy to land on his head. After Steppenwolf frees Pendro, he went to stop the rest of the Cult at the lighthouse. As he reached there, he triggers the wooden platform by tying a rope on a wooden pole and moves fast on the speedboat which caused the second member to fall into the ocean and drown. Steppenwolf climbs to get into the lighthouse and the leader sawed him and summons the Chupacabra. Steppenwolf quickly throws the sack of blood at the leader and the Chupacabra appears and kills the leader and knocks him into the ocean. The leader drops the whistle and Steppenwolf takes it with him. He heads to Cult's ship and uses a fishing net and connects it on two masts and he summons the beast to get close to him. The Chupacabra flies into the net and gets trapped. Steppenwolf used a syringe and takes some of the Chupacabra's blood. Steppenwolf destroys the whistle and he frees the Chupacabra and now the with the whistle destroyed, the Cult won't be able to control the beast anymore. As Steppenwolf arrived back, Pendro's mother appeared and became so worried and asked her son was doing here, because she was looking everywhere for him. As she takes her son back home, Steppenwolf and Meg seem to have a crush on each other. Meg blushes and asked what will happen after they all have the samples (the Mokele Mbembe, the Yeti, the Kraken, and the Chupacabra). Steppenwolf said that he doesn't want to think about it right now. Meg said that she doesn't care either. Steppenwolf and Meg close their eyes and bring their faces closer to kiss each other. Just as they were about to kiss, a jeep arrives with Octavio and Albino. Albino asks if Steppenwolf as the sample. Steppenwolf reveals the blood and Albino tells them to get in the jeep, because Donovan is very anxious to resume the X-Creatures Project.

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