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Fictional Portrayals

Bishop Gardiner is a character in The Fifth Queen trilogy by Ford Madox Ford.

Gardiner is a prominent character in Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, where he appears as an implacable opponent of Thomas Cromwell.

Gardiner is played by Terence Rigby in the 1998 film Elizabeth, where he is portrayed as a villainous bishop who took part in the Ridolfi plot and who vehemently opposed Elizabeth I's Act of Uniformity. This is fantastical, since Gardiner had died before Elizabeth ascended the throne. A less misleading portrayal of Gardiner can be seen in the BBC dramas The Six Wives of Henry VIII and Elizabeth R. In The Tudors television series Gardiner is played by Simon Ward.

Church of England titles
Preceded by
Thomas Wolsey
Bishop of Winchester
Succeeded by
John Ponet
Preceded by
John Ponet
Bishop of Winchester
Succeeded by
John White
Political offices
Preceded by
William Knight
Secretary of State
Succeeded by
Thomas Cromwell
Preceded by
Thomas Goodrich
(Keeper of the Great Seal)
Lord Chancellor
Succeeded by
Nicholas Heath
Academic offices
Preceded by
Thomas Larke
Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge
Succeeded by
Walter Haddon
Preceded by
William Mowse
Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge
Succeeded by
William Mowse
Archdeacons of Leicester
  • Stephen Gardiner
  • Edward Foxe
  • Edmund Bonner
  • William More
  • Thomas Robertson
  • Robert Johnson
  • Henry Ferne
  • William Owtram
  • James Bickham
  • Andrew Burnaby
  • Thomas Parkinson
  • Thomas Bonney
  • Henry Fearon
  • Assheton Pownall
  • John Mitchison
  • John Stocks
  • Frederick MacNutt
  • Cecil Matthews
  • Irven Edwards
  • Berkeley Cole
  • David Silk
  • Michael Edson
  • Richard Atkinson

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