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Incest In Popular Culture - Japanese Manga and Anime - Sibling Incest - Siblings With No Blood Relation
... media is pseudo-incest, which is most often depicted as romantic/sexual relationships between step-siblings or adopted siblings ... The plot in Marmalade Boy revolves around this theme step-siblings Miki and Yuu at one point believe they are half-siblings but this turns out to be false and they actually get married in the anime ... anime), the main character Masato Wakamatsu is in love with his step-sister Miyuki Wakamatsu ...

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    Apart from the fact that women posess the equipment for lactation, mothers seem no more predisposed to, or innately skilled at, child care than are fathers, siblings or non parents. Besides, women obviously come in a variety of shapes, sizes, talents and temperaments. Why shouldn’t they vary in degrees of motherhood?
    Shari Thurer (20th century)

    Attacking a belief can be the first step toward embracing it.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)