Stellar Systems

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Viktor Hambardzumyan - Scientific Activity - The Stellar Associations, Evolution Associations and The Stars Evolution
... analysis based on of the observational material for stellar systems belonging to our Galaxy resulted in a discovery of a new type of stellar systems ... These expanding systems endowed with a positive energy he named “stellar associations” and proved their relatively young age ... This proved to be a revolutionary basis in stellar cosmology, since it implied that the star formation process in the Galaxy is going on even today and the stars are born in groups ...
Viktor Hambardzumyan - Scientific Activity - Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics of The Stellar Systems
... The research conducted by Hambardzumyan in the stellar systems statistics and dynamics laid the foundations of the statistical mechanics of the stellar systems ... over the age of the Milky Way (our own galactic stellar system), proving that the Milky Way is at least 1000 times younger than the estimate given by Jeans and previously accepted by the scientific ...

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    Our little systems have their day;
    They have their day and cease to be:
    They are but broken lights of thee,
    And thou, O Lord, art more than they.
    Alfred Tennyson (1809–1892)