State Police

State police are a type of sub-national territorial police force, particularly in the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Australia. Some other countries have analogous police forces, such as the provincial police in some Canadian provinces. Particularly, in the United States, the primary goals of most state police agencies are the safety of motorists on interstate highways, and the enforcement of traffic laws on those interstate highways.

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Louisiana State Police - Rank Structure
... The Louisiana State Police rank structure is as listed Rank Insignia Description Colonel One individual is appointed (by the Governor) as the Deputy Secretary of the Department ... Lieutenant Colonel, each overseeing one of the four bureaus within the State Police ... Major Majors are responsible for a command within the State Police ...
Timeline Of The Mexican Drug War - 2009
... Report on the narco's political leaders." January 22 – Police arrest Santiago Meza, a man who allegedly dissolved 300 bodies of rival drug ... February 5 – Police capture trafficker and lieutenant Gerónimo Gámez García in Mexico City ... Roo, sending thousands of troops to Cancún and several cities within the state ...
Massena Blood Libel
... After a long search by townspeople and state police, a rumor began to circulate that the girl had been kidnapped and killed by the town's Jews for a religious ritual associated with the impending holiday ... The following day, the state police questioned Morris Goldberg, a Jew with little knowledge of Jewish tradition ... Goldberg left police with the impression that there might be some truth to the rumors that Jews engaged in ritual murder ...
List Of Defunct Law Enforcement Agencies Of Massachusetts - Department of Public Safety - Division of State Police
... This is the former statewide police department for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which was founded in 1865 the M.D.C ... Police, Registry of Motor Vehicles Police, and Capitol Police merged with this department to form the new Department of State Police in 1992 (Did not have to go ... Prior to being known as the Massachusetts State Police, the department was known as the Special District Police of Massachusetts from 1879 to 1919 ...
State Police - United States
... In the United States, state police are a police body unique to each U.S ... state, having statewide authority to conduct law enforcement activities and criminal investigations ... sheriff (Vermont being a notable exception), such as enforcing traffic laws on state highways and interstate expressways, overseeing the security of ...

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    Consider the islands bearing the names of all the saints, bristling with forts like chestnut-burs, or Echinidæ, yet the police will not let a couple of Irishmen have a private sparring- match on one of them, as it is a government monopoly; all the great seaports are in a boxing attitude, and you must sail prudently between two tiers of stony knuckles before you come to feel the warmth of their breasts.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Scepticism is an ability, or mental attitude, which opposes appearances to judgments in any way whatsoever, with the result that, owing to the equipollence of the objects and reasons thus opposed we are brought firstly to a state of mental suspense and next to a state of “unperturbedness” or quietude.
    Sextus Empiricus (2nd or 3rd cen., A.d.)