State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Державна Прикордонна Служба України, Derzhavna Prykordonna Sluzhba Ukrayiny; abbr. ДПСУ, DPSU) is the border guard of Ukraine. It is an independent law enforcement agency of special assignment, the head of which is subordinated to the President of Ukraine. The Service Headquarters is located in a close proximity to the headquarters of the Security Service of Ukraine and Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.

The Service was created on July 31, 2003 after the reorganization of the State Committee in Affairs for Protection the State Border. All the activities of the agency as well as the Sea Guard are regulated by the State Committee in Affairs for Protection of the State Border (shortly DerzhKordon). During wartime, units of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine fall under the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine includes the Ukrainian Sea Guard (the country's coast guard). It is also responsible for running "Temporary Detention Centres", in which refugees are held.

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