State Apparatus

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Politics Of East Germany - State Apparatus - Politicians of Note in East Germany
... Party (SED), 1971–89 Chairman of the Council of State, 1976–89) Walter Ulbricht (General Secretary of the SED, 1950–71 Chairman of the Council of ...
Predictions Of Soviet Collapse - Predictions of Soviet Collapse - Leon Trotsky
... it would carry out a ruthless purgation of the state apparatus ... the payment of labor to the life necessities of the economy and the state apparatus ... A purgation of the state apparatus would, of course, be necessary in this case too ...
Anarchism And Marxism - Arguments Surrounding The Issue of Class
... that the industrial workers -and only them- would organize together, abolish the state, take control over the means of production, collectivize them, and create a ... control over the means of production and the state, but only a minority of them, which is part of the ruling class, but has its own concerns ... That is, they explicitly reject imposing state property of the land, although voluntary collectivization is seen as more efficient and thus supported (indeed, during the Spanish revolution anarchists ...

Famous quotes containing the words apparatus and/or state:

    It is part of the nature of consciousness, of how the mental apparatus works, that free reason is only a very occasional function of people’s “thinking” and that much of the process is made of reactions as standardized as those of the keys on a typewriter.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)

    But the nomads were the terror of all those whom the soil or the advantages of the market had induced to build towns. Agriculture therefore was a religious injunction, because of the perils of the state from nomadism.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)