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Star Wars Republic Commando Series - Story Arcs Within The Series - The Omega Squad Stories
... Star Wars Republic Commando Hard Contact Omega Squad Targets Star Wars Republic Commando Triple Zero Odds Star Wars Republic Commando True Colors Star Wars ...
List Of Ancient Jedi - S
... He attempted to conquer the Republic, but ultimately failed after he was betrayed by Gav Daragon ... to the Empire, where he served on the second Death Star and participated in the Battle of Endor ... Admiral Sarn – voiced by Gary Martinez Leader of the Phantom TIE program in Star Wars Rebel Assault II The Hidden Empire ...
List Of Star Wars Books - Rise of The Empire Era - The Approaching Storm - Republic Commando
... Star Wars Republic Commando Hard Contact (2004), by Karen Traviss (22 BBY) (A) Star Wars Omega Squad Targets (2005), by Karen Traviss (21 BBY) in Star Wars Insider 81 (Reprinted in Star Wars Republic ...
Star Wars Republic Commando: Triple Zero
... Star Wars Republic Commando Triple Zero, by Karen Traviss, is the second novel in the Star Wars Republic Commando series ...

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