Star Saber

The Star Saber was the weapon of Prima, the first Transformer, and had the Matrix of Leadership as its hilt. In the series, the Star Saber resembles a lightsaber, and is also similar to Excalibur.

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Runway (Transformers) - Transformers: Armada
... combines with his companions Jetstorm and Sonar to form the Star Saber ... the A-Base, accompanied by Sonar who awakens his team-mates forming the Star Saber ... Since then Star Saber becomes the longed-for loot for both the Autobots and Decepticons ...
Arcee - Transformers: Prime - Animated Series - Season 2
... with a decoy to distract the Autobots from the Star Saber ... After the battle in which Optimus obtains the Star Saber, Arcee is enraged at Smokescreen for putting Jack in danger ... the arm of a Prime and his new weapon, the Dark Star Saber ...
List Of Robots In Transformers Animated - Autobots - Cyber-Ninja Corps
... Dai Atlas was a dilettante before the war and a rival of Star Saber ... Star Upper Named for his mass-shifting strike and quick reflexes, Star Upper's only weakness is that he lacks confidence ... Star Saber Star Saber is a skilled fencer, known for a move called the "Planetary Impulse Attack" ...
Smokescreen (Transformers) - Transformers: Prime - Animated Series
... up heading to the where the next Iacon project is with the artifact being the Star Saber (a sword forged by Solus Prime that can wield the power of the Matrix) as Megatron, some ... Decepticons before Megatron can commence transport of the large rock that the Star Saber is in ... When Smokescreen is unable to remove the Star Saber from the rock, the Vehicons surround Smokescreen upon knocking him down ...
List Of Transformers: Armada Episodes - Season 1
... They could form a mighty weapon named Star Saber which ruined the country and its people after all ... She begs them never to wake these Minis and never to use the Star Saber ... base, Rad had figured out how the people who had the Star Saber destroyed themselves ...

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