Staffordiidae - Genera


Genera within the family Staffordiidae include:

  • Staffordia Godwin-Austen, 1907 - type genus of the family
    • Staffordia daflaensis (Godwin-Austen)
    • Staffordia staffordi Godwin-Austen, 1907
    • Staffordia toruputuensis Godwin-Austen

The generic name Staffordia is in honor of Brigadier-General Stafford, who was in command of the punitive force which entered the Dafla Hills for the first time in the winter of 1874-1875.

The foot of Staffordia is pointed. The peripodial margin is simple with a narrow pale margin. There are small right and left shell-lobes.

Reproductive system of Staffordia: the dart-sac is small, globose, with a long cord-like attachment to a coronal gland. The penis is simple. The spermatheca is long.

The radula of Staffordia has aculeate lateral teeth.

Comparison of shells of three Staffordia species:

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