Stacking may refer to:

  • Stacking (chemistry)
  • Stacking (video game), a 2011 game from Double Fine involving matryoshka dolls
  • A gang signal made with the hands
  • Sport stacking, played using plastic cups
  • A film directed and produced by Martin Rosen
  • Stacking (television)
  • A type of ensemble learning method in machine learning
  • A technique used in reflection seismology for improving signal-to-noise ratio in seismic surveys
  • Amusement ride vehicles stopping and "piling up" due to the track ahead being occupied
  • Stacking is a technique in grappling used to break an opponent's guard.
  • Stacking is an image processing technique in photography to reduce noise or add special effects.

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Famous quotes containing the word stacking:

    The Universal Soul, as it is called, has an interest in the stacking of hay, the foddering of cattle, and the draining of peat-meadows.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)