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Current students are referred to as Paulites and the alumni as Old Paulites. The school lays a great emphasis on uniform and on visits outside of the school campus, all students must dress in prescribed suits and carry umbrellas. The student government is headed by a School Captain, assisted by house captains and prefects, drawn from the Sixth Form. Junior and Primary Wings have their own system of monitors. Traditionally, the Sixth form is privileged and enjoys an advantage over the rest. The chapel holds a central place in the life of the school where it meets as a community. There are clubs which develop artistic and technical skills. Each house presents a concert from time to time apart from the major school production in October. The sport curriculum is dominated by football, cricket, athletics, hockey and Eton Fives. There are very few places in the world where Eton Fives is played and St. Paul’s is one of them.

What is Fives? Fives is a handball game, that is hand & ball, nothing to do with 'five-a-side' football, or any other games, and it is played on a small court with similarities to Squash.

It comes in several flavours, and various styles, but they all have the one significant thing in common, you hit the ball with your Hand, not a racquet, bat, paddle or anything else, usually wearing gloves, because the balls are hard! The fundamentals of the game are to hit the ball against a wall, within a defined playing area, and to continue to return it within one bounce in such a way that your opponent can not do the same.

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