St. George's Church, Sélestat - Portals


A first gate, dating from the second half of the thirteenth century, has its mediaeval strap hinges still visible. The arched tympanum was carved in 1844 by Emile Sichler, a local sculptor. The Adoration of the Magi is represented on the tympanum, and oak leaves and vines are carved on the capitals of the columns. A second portal is dated to the construction of the nave, around 1220–1230; the doors and hinges are mediaeval, and vine leaves and grapes adorn the door. A third portal, which is Romanesque, probably comes from the nave and transept, built in the thirteenth century. It was probably moved to this location at a later date unknown. Mediaeval door hinges are visible, as well as stonecutters' marks. The tympanum, with round arches, is adorned with a carved decoration in bas-relief featuring oak leaves and vines.

A fourth portal was built around 1320. Its tympanum is broken, and the splayed arch is decorated with sculptures, replacing those destroyed during the Revolution, by Sichler in 1847. A first draft for the tympanum depicted Christ on the Mount of Olives, but was replaced by the Ascension. The panels were replaced in 1847, after a drawing by Antoine Ringeisen, architect of the city. A fifth portal, located to the west, was also built around 1320.

The main door of the church, with a carved tympanum, dates from the late fifteenth century. It could be the work of Conrad Sifer or his workshop, who was the designer of the rood screen of 1490. Indeed, the ornamental style is very reminiscent of the rood screen. The other side of the tympanum is carved with a Holy Face.

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