Square Pegs (Hong Kong TV Series)

Square Pegs (Hong Kong TV Series)

Square Pegs (Traditional Chinese: 戇夫成龍) was a Hong Kong television series 2003. The program's title is an abbreviated reference to the English idiomatic phrase "square peg in a round hole."

The series was the runaway success of 2003, commanding a viewership of 3.5 million or roughly half of Hong Kong's population during the last week of its broadcast, and breaking TVB's ten-year ratings record. It also went on to win four awards for its two lead actors in the TVB 36th Anniversary Awards, and made both Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan household names in the territory.

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Square Pegs (Hong Kong TV Series) - Awards
... Roger Kwok won his first "Best Actor in a Leading Role" Award for his role Ding Sheung Wong, at the 36th TVB Anniversary Awards in 2003. ...

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