Spidey Super Stories - Episodes - 1974–1975


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"Spidey Meets the Spoiler" Morgan Freeman The first "Spidey Super Stories" segment. Spidey links clues to the Spoiler (Skip Hinnant), a mischievous villain who aims to spoil people's fun. Spidey defeats him, but the victory is bittersweet: A wall got spoiled when Spidey knocks the Spoiler through it.

Spider-Man also appeared in the opening sequence of the actual episode (Season 4 premiere). In the scene, J. Arthur Crank (Jim Boyd) looks around for Spider-Man, but only comes upon Easy Reader (Morgan Freeman). Crank never finds him and walks off, frustrated.

"A Night at the Movies" Skip Hinnant Count Dracula (Morgan Freeman) plans to bite the neck of an unsuspecting movie-goer (Judy Graubart). Spidey is able to foil Dracula's plans.

Count Dracula (based on the Bram Stoker character) was a regular character on The Electric Company, appearing in skits with the Werewolf (Jim Boyd) and Frankenstein's monster (Skip Hinnant). It was episode 9B’s sketch of the day.

"Dr. Fly" Morgan Freeman Dr. Fly (Luis Avalos), a mutated half-fly, half-human plans to turn the world's inhabitants into the same type of mutant. He disguises himself as a vendor to distribute hot dogs laced with a formula of fleas and flies. Spidey saves a customer (Jim Boyd) from eating a tainted hot dog and traps Dr. Fly in his web, but gets a ticket from a police officer (Morgan Freeman) for operating (Dr. Fly's) pushcart without a license.
"Spidey Up Against the Wall" June Angela At a New York Mets baseball game, a mutated wall-human creature (Jim Boyd) sneaks up behind outfielder "Gumbo" Grace Ivy (Skip Hinnant) and causes him to miss a routine fly ball. The umpire (Morgan Freeman) is also knocked down. Spidey catches The Wall, but is ejected from the ballpark because spectators are not allowed on the field.

This also aired as part of the last episode of The Electric Company (episode 130B).

"Spider-Man Meets the Can Crusher" Morgan Freeman Long ago, young boy visited a soup factory but loses his pet frog in a vat of tomato soup. As an adult, the Can Crusher (Jim Boyd, sporting a Don King-type hairdo, a large red nose and wearing a black jumpsuit) visits supermarkets to find the can where his beloved frog may be, smashing them with a large hammer, causing a disturbance and a food shortage whenever he destroys cans in his vain efforts. Spidey is called on to help, and the Can Crusher disguises himself as the store manager. Spider-Man manages to evade the Can Crusher's attack, but is defeated as the Can Crusher escapes.

Best moment: As the Can Crusher gets Spidey distracted, he strips off his disguise, taunting Spidey all the while: "Have you figured it out yet, wall-crawler?" (Removing disguise) Web-slinger? (Raising hammer for the kill, screaming) "CHANDELIER STOMPER??!!??"

"Spidey Meets the Funny Bunny" Morgan Freeman Once an ordinary girl until a bully sat on her Easter basket, a woman dressed in an Easter Bunny costume (Judy Graubart) sets out to steal other children's Easter baskets. She plans to disrupt the annual Easter Egg roll at the White House. Spidey is tipped off and sets a trap that catches her.

The role of the president is played by Melanie Henderson, who is believed to be one of the first African-American actresses to play the role of a U.S. president on television. See List of fictional United States Presidents.

"Meet Dr. Fright" Hattie Winston Dr. Fright (Skip Hinnant) is a monster who has a face so frighteningly ugly that he conceals it beneath an oversized stovepipe hat. He uses this to terrify victims, robbing them when they become frozen in fright. He plans to freeze Spidey but Spidey instead freezes Dr. Fright by holding up a mirror.
"Meet Mr. Measles" Jim Boyd Mr. Measles (Skip Hinnant), armed with a large bag of measles-causing spots, plans to spread a worldwide epidemic. He infects several people but Spidey catches him before a large-scale outbreak happens. However, Spidey becomes ill with the measles.
"Spidey Jumps the Thumper" Judy Graubart The Thumper (Hattie Winston) was a spoiled little rich girl who didn't get a yellow pony for her birthday. Turning to a life of crime after the cake and ice cream, the Thumper fancies herself as Napoleon Bonaparte. She assaults two citizens (Luis Avalos and Skip Hinnant) with an oversized boxing glove hidden inside her coat a la Napoleon's famous pose. Spidey catches her but he too is thumped. He regains his senses and traps her in his web.
"Spidey and the Queen Bee" Morgan Freeman A half-human, half-bee mutant named The Queen Bee (Hattie Winston) plots to rule the world. Her underlings are also mutated bee-human creatures (played by Skip Hinnant and Judy Graubart). Spidey tracks her down to her giant hive and foils her plans by webbing her minion, The Beekeeper (Luis Avalos), but the other mutated bee-humans sting Spidey repeatedly while she escapes.
"Little Miss Muffett" Based on the nursery rhyme. Spidey comes to the rescue of the title character (Hattie Winston) after a large spider terrorizes her. However, Spidey recognizes the spider (a large prop) as an uncle of his, and as they become friends, as Miss Muffett leaves in disgust.
"The Bookworm" Skip Hinnant Easy Reader (Morgan Freeman) is helping his friend, Valerie (Hattie Winston) sort books at the library, when they notice large holes in the books. They try to beat back a large bookworm (a purple and green striped sock-puppet) by throwing books at it. Spidey arrives in time but the Bookworm escapes his web.

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