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Undead (Kamen Rider) - Category Ace - Spider
... Spider Undead (スパイダーアンデッド, Supaidā Andeddo?) Statistics Deck Ace of Clubs (Change Spider) Voice Katsumi Shiono (塩野 勝美, Shiono Katsumi?, 11-14, Missing Ace ... He is an accomplice of the Peacock Undead, appearing for Garren to seal while he spewed out golden spiders to latch on ideal hosts ... Once finding an ideal host in Mutsuki Kamijō, the Spider Undead intentionally had himself sealed into the Change Spider card to complete the Leangle ...
List Of Kamen Rider Blade Characters - Undead
... The Undead (アンデッド, Andeddo?) are the series' antagonists, with the major members, the Royal Club, among those who play a bigger part in the story ... Isaka Isaka (伊坂, Isaka?) is the human form of the Peacock Undead (ピーコックアンデッド, Pīkokku Andeddo?) and the first Jack (of Diamonds) Undead that appears and creator of the ... to his aid in the creation of Leangle, with the Spider Undead's help in finding an ideal host for him to control ...
List Of Kamen Rider Blade Characters - Other Characters
... did not understand what was happening to him regarding the Spider Undead taking over his mind, she worried about and cared for him regardless ... one of the main reasons he was able to resist the Spider's influence ... She attempted to help him before she was killed by Isaka/Peacock Undead for her interference in his plan ...

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