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Cultural References

  • Apart from the costume and powers of the main character, this TV series is unrelated to Ryoichi Ikegami's earlier manga adaptation of Spider-Man or the original Spider-Man comics. However, several manga adaptations of the Toei version were published by different magazines, such as TV Land, Tanoshī Yōchien, TV Magazine, and Bōken'ō.
  • After the completion of Spider-Man, Toei began developing a new show with Marvel that would have starred a Japanese counterpart of Captain America named Captain Japan. However, the show was retooled during development and aired as Battle Fever J, the third installment of Toei's Super Sentai series.
  • This was the second series to have a superhero (as opposed to a costumed pilot) ride a giant robot, the first being Ganbaron. The success of this series led to the revival of the Sentai series as the "Super Sentai Series." "Battle Fever J" (1979), the third Sentai Series, was the first "Super Sentai," as the five heroes therein rode a giant robot.
  • Spider-Man's transforming giant robot Leopardon (which transforms from the huge spacecraft Marveller, named in honor of the Marvel Comics Group) was featured in America in both Mattel's Shogun Warriors toy collection (only the 3" figure version, named "Leopardon") and Bandai America's Godaikin toy line (Bandai Japan's deluxe diecast toy with complete transforming features). A new Leopardon toy was produced in 2006 under Bandai's Soul of Chogokin line.
  • One of the monsters in the show has a resemblance to Marvel's Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, having similar rock-like skin.
  • Stan Lee, in an interview conducted by Toei, stated that he enjoyed the way Spider-Man was done, especially with Leopardon and the way that it was filmed. He also stated that he was invited by Toei to do a future sequel to Spider-Man with him doing the storyline.
  • The show was lampooned on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, referencing the release of the Japanese Spider-Man 3 trailer.
  • The show was also lampooned on an episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien.
  • The series main villain, Professor Monster, resembles Dr. Doom.
  • The TV series is referred to several times in the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Leopardon also plays a key role in the novel's story.

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