Spectra Flair

SpectraFlair is the registered trademark for a pigment created by JDS Uniphase’s Flex Products Group in Santa Rosa, California. SpectraFlair pigment is a specialized diffractive colorant for automotive and industrial coatings that show multiple rainbow colors as the viewing angle changes. This pigment is based on microsopic aluminum flakes layered with glass and inorganic pigments. The combination of SpectraFlair’s rainbow-like color, aluminum core, and fine particle size creates an iridescent, liquid silver metallic appearance. The SpectraFlair pigment was first introduced in November 2001 SEMA show and at the January 2002 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show.

By controlling the physical dimensions and surface microstructure, SpectraFlair pigment generates the appearance of multiple, bright rainbow producing prisms on a base color that appears silver. It is a “stir in” pigment that creates a 3D, iridescent, liquid-silver look in low illumination, changing to vivid, multi-rainbows in direct bright light.

SpectraFlair pigment has also been used in coatings for autos, ski helmets and cell phones and many other fast moving consumer goods. SpectraFlair can also be mixed with nail polish to create a holographic rainbow finish on the nail however it is not FDA approved and is illegal to sell nail polish containing SpectraFlair.