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List Of Battery Sizes - Non-standard Brand-specific Names
... Often this is done to steer customers towards a specific brand, and away from competing or generic brands, by obfuscating the common name ... has the label, "Replace with CX472 type battery," many customers will buy that specific brand, not realizing that this is simply a brand name for a common type of battery ... obscure battery types, the name of a specific brand will sometimes become the most common name for that battery type, as other manufacturers copy or modify the name so ...

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    To a maiden true he’ll give his hand,
    Hey lillie, ho lillie lallie,
    To the king’s daughter o’ fair England,
    To a prize that was won by a slain brother’s brand,
    I’ the brave nights so early.
    —Unknown. Earl Brand (l. 67–71)

    The permanence of all books is fixed by no effort friendly or hostile, but by their own specific gravity, or the intrinsic importance of their contents to the constant mind of man.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)