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Cumacea - Ecology
... However, some species can survive in water with a lower salinity, like brackish water (e.g ... A few species live in the intertidal zone ... Most species live only one year or less, and reproduce twice in their lifetime ...

Famous quotes containing the words live and/or species:

    I did not live until this time
    Crown’d my felicity,
    When I could say without a crime,
    I am not thine, but Thee.

    This carcase breath’d, and walkt, and slept,
    So that the World believ’d
    There was a soul the motions kept;
    But they were all deceiv’d.
    Katherine Philips (1631–1664)

    Can it then be doubted, but that God, who is infinitely fine Spirit, and withal intelligent, can make and change all species and kind of body as he pleaseth? But I dare not say, that this is the way by which God Almighty worketh, because it is past my apprehension: yet it serves very well to demonstrate, that the omnipotence of God implieth no contradiction.
    Thomas Hobbes (1579–1688)