Special Expenses

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Ma Ying-jeou - Mayoralty, 1998–2006 - Corruption Allegations
... questioned by prosecutors over his alleged misuse of a special expenses account as Taipei mayor ... one of his aides forged receipts to claim Ma's expenses as Taipei mayor, and apologized for the latest political scandal ... However, Ma argued that he, like most other government officials, regarded the special expense account as supplemental salary for personal expenses ...
Chen Shui-bian Corruption Charges
... a suspect in a fraud case involving the handling of a special presidential fund used to pursue Taiwan's foreign diplomacy ... stated that "We have formally started the investigation of the special expenses case concerning former president Chen ... will aid in the investigation of the former president's use of special expenses ...

Famous quotes containing the words expenses and/or special:

    Good government cannot be found on the bargain-counter. We have seen samples of bargain-counter government in the past when low tax rates were secured by increasing the bonded debt for current expenses or refusing to keep our institutions up to the standard in repairs, extensions, equipment, and accommodations. I refuse, and the Republican Party refuses, to endorse that method of sham and shoddy economy.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    O my Brothers! love your Country. Our Country is our home, the home which God has given us, placing therein a numerous family which we love and are loved by, and with which we have a more intimate and quicker communion of feeling and thought than with others; a family which by its concentration upon a given spot, and by the homogeneous nature of its elements, is destined for a special kind of activity.
    Giuseppe Mazzini (1805–1872)