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Yaroslavl - Education
... Amongst the non-state funded institutions for further education in the city is the International Academy for Business and New Technologies (MUBiNT), and also a number of branches from Moscow ...
Sharon City School District - Special Education
... pupils or 19.5% of the district's pupils received Special Education services, with 42% of the identified students having a specific learning disability ... or 18% of the district's pupils received Special Education services, with 45.9% of the identified students having a specific learning disability ... Special education services in the Commonwealth are provided to students from ages three years to 21 years old ...
Lakeland School District, Pennsylvania - Special Education
... or 16.2% of the district's pupils received Special Education services ... ensure that eligible students receive an appropriate educational program consisting of special education and related services, individualized to meet student ... At no cost to the parents, these services are provided in compliance with state and federal law and are reasonably calculated to yield meaningful educational benefit and student progress ...
Internationalization (Globalization and Education)
... Education is becoming increasingly international ... norms of how the school should operate and what is education ... Baccalaureate have contributed to the internationalization of education ...
Youth Detention Center - Services Provided To Youth - Education - Special Education
... schools in the community, and so special education services should be provided ... The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) oversees the special education services at juvenile facilities ... a disability, regardless of incarceration status, are authorized and eligible for their special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) ...

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    Men will say that in supporting their wives, in furnishing them with houses and food and clothes, they are giving the women as much money as they could ever hope to earn by any other profession. I grant it; but between the independent wage-earner and the one who is given his keep for his services is the difference between the free-born and the chattel.
    Elizabeth M. Gilmer (1861–1951)

    I don’t like to be idle; in fact, I often feel somewhat guilty unless there is some purpose to what I am doing. But spending a few hours—or a few days—in the woods, swamps or alongside a stream has never seemed to me a waste of time.... I derive special benefit from a period of solitude.
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    Think of the importance of Friendship in the education of men.... It will make a man honest; it will make him a hero; it will make him a saint. It is the state of the just dealing with the just, the magnanimous with the magnanimous, the sincere with the sincere, man with man.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)