Special Courts

Special Courts (Polish Sądy Specjalne) were the underground courts organized by the Polish Government in Exile during World War II in occupied Poland. The courts determined punishments for the citizens of Poland who were subject to the Polish law before the war.

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... The Oklahoma Court on Tax Review is a special court in the Oklahoma judiciary charged with hearing disputes involving illegal taxes levied by county and city governments ... The presiding judge then appoints three judges to serve as the Court on Tax Review ... Appeals from the court are heard by the Oklahoma Supreme Court ...
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... There is an on-going debate whether the World War II Polish Special Courts were lawful and obeyed the elementary laws ... According to the historians working for the Institute of National Remembrance the courts fulfilled the five basic conditions The courts operated in the name of the Polish State ... The courts penalized mostly the misdeeds included in the pre-war Polish law ...
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    Denis Diderot (1713–1784)

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