Spandex - Major Spandex Fibre Uses

Major Spandex Fibre Uses

  • Apparel and clothing articles where stretch is desired, generally for comfort and fit, such as:
    • athletic, aerobic, and exercise apparel
    • belts
    • bra straps and side panels
    • competitive swimwear
    • cycling jerseys and shorts
    • dance belts worn by male ballet dancers and others
    • gloves
    • hosiery
    • leggings
    • netball bodysuits
    • orthopaedic braces
    • rowing unisuits
    • cross country race suits
    • ski pants
    • skinny jeans
    • slacks
    • miniskirts
    • socks
    • swimsuits/bathing suits
    • underwear
    • wetsuits
    • zentai
  • Compression garments such as:
    • foundation garments
    • motion capture suits
  • Shaped garments such as:
    • bra cups
    • support hose
    • surgical hose
    • superhero outfits
    • women's volleyball shorts
    • wrestling singlets
  • Home furnishings, such as microbead pillows

For clothing, spandex is usually mixed with cotton or polyester, and accounts for a small percentage of the final fabric, which therefore retains most of the look and feel of the other fibers. In North America it is rare in men's clothing, but prevalent in women's. An estimated 80% of clothing sold in the United States contained spandex in 2010.

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