Spalt - Culture and Sights

Culture and Sights

  • Spalt has two museums: the Hops and Beer Museum, and a fire station museum.
  • The end of August is celebrated by the annual Hopfenzupferfest, during which a girl is crowned the "Hops Queen."
  • Every two years, the Funsport Challenge Madmud (well known throughout Europe) is held here.
  • Planetenweg (Planet Path): In the Summer of 2000, a 1:1 billion scale model of the solar system was constructed between Spalt and the neighbouring town of Georgensgmünd. The model begins with a globe representing the sun behind Georgensgmünd's town hall. A 7 km bike path leads one through Rezat valley towards Spalt, where Pluto (now considered a dwarf planet) is represented at the train station of the town. Each planet model has a display board nearby with facts about the planet.
  • Spalt is well-known nationally for its beer. Throughout the surrounding area, it is nearly impossible to find any brand of beer other than "Spalter". The town has a saying about its beer: "In Spalt, in Spalt, dou wern di Leit gor alt; sie kenna nix dafier, dös macht ös goute Bier" (In Spalt, people grow very old; they do not contribute to that, it's done by good beer.)
  • Spalt is the middle of one of Germany's hops cultivation zones, having grown hops since 1341, with the hops seal since 1538.

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