Space Probe

A space probe is a scientific space exploration mission in which a spacecraft leaves Earth and explores space. It may approach the Moon; enter interplanetary space; flyby, orbit or land on other planetary bodies; or approach interstellar space. Space probes are a form of robotic spacecraft. The Voyager 1 is one of the most famous space probes.

See list of probes by operational status for a list of active probes; the space agencies of the USSR (now Russia and Ukraine), the United States, the European Union, Japan, China and India have in the aggregate launched probes to several planets and moons of the solar system as well as to a number of asteroids and comets.

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Luna 3
... The Soviet space probe Luna 3 of 1959 (of the E-3 series) was the third space probe to be sent to the neighborhood of the Moon, and this mission was an early feat in the spaceborne exploration of outer space ... This space probe has been commonly called "Lunik 3", predominantly in the Western world ...
Cassini–Huygens - Selected Events and Discoveries - Venus and Earth Fly-bys and The Cruise To Jupiter
... The Cassini space probe performed two gravitational-assist fly-bys of Venus on April 26, 1998, and June 24, 1999 ... These fly-bys provided the space probe with enough momentum to travel all the way out to the asteroid belt ... At that point, the Sun's gravity pulled the space probe back into the inner Solar System, where it made a gravitational-assist fly-by of the Earth ...
Cassini–Huygens - Trajectory
... a very small proportion of its orbital momentum to the insignificant mass, the space probe in this case ... However, due to the space probe's small mass, this momentum transfer gives it a relatively large velocity increase in proportion to its initial velocity, speeding up its ... The Cassini–Huygens space probe performed two gravitational assist fly-bys at Venus, one more fly-by at the Earth, and a final fly-by at Jupiter ...
List Of Projects Of The European Space Agency - Current Projects Already Launched
... Cluster II — a group of four probes studying the magnetosphere ... COROT — a space telescope for detecting rocky exoplanets larger than Earth ... A project led by the French space agency CNES ...

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    The peculiarity of sculpture is that it creates a three-dimensional object in space. Painting may strive to give on a two-dimensional plane, the illusion of space, but it is space itself as a perceived quantity that becomes the peculiar concern of the sculptor. We may say that for the painter space is a luxury; for the sculptor it is a necessity.
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