Space Bridge

In Marvel Comics' Transformers comic and cartoon, the Space Bridge is a device used by the Decepticons to travel between different planets, usually between Cybertron and Earth.

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Jumpgate - Transformers
... The original Transformers cartoon featured the Space Bridge, which created a subspace tunnel from one point to another — typically, from an Earth station to Cybertron ... Only one Space Bridge was ever shown, and it was under Decepticon control but one station existing on Cybertron may be a hint that there were other Space Bridge stations on Cybertron ... phased out afterwards in favor of more standard space travel ...
List Of Transformers: Energon Episodes - Season 1 - 16. Go For Unicron!
... to destroy Unicron, and they prepare to set up a space bridge ... Unfortunately, the Decepticons attack, and part of the space bridge is damaged ... getting used to zero-gravity, repairs the space bridge ...
Space Bridge - Live Action
... The Space Bridge is used in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen by Jetfire who reveals that it is the fastest means of transportation ... The Fallen also uses the Space Bridge himself near the climax of the film ... In Transformers Dark of the Moon, five pillars for a space bridge and Sentinel Prime are recovered from the Ark while the Decepticons retrieved hundreds fifty years earlier ...
Scattorshot - Transformers: Cybertron - Animated Series
... In episode number 5, "Space", Bud, jealous of Hot Shot wants to go to space ... He and Jolt convince Scattorshot to take a ride on the space bridge ... Bud and Scattorshot are observing a battle from space and are hit by a stray missile, which knocks them into a freefall ...
Space Bridge (disambiguation)
... Space bridge may refer to one of the following Space elevator, a hypothetical device Space Bridge, fictional interstellar transportation system from the Transformers universe US-S ...

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